PROF. DR. András Palotás, MD, PhD


prof. Palotás is a fully registered and board-certified physician with special interests in family medicine (general practice), geriatric psychiatry (dementia and related memory problems), cardio-vascular disorders and surgical diseases (including minor surgery). As an interventional doctor he administers steroid joint and soft-tissue injections, delivers local anesthetics for migraines, and performs whole-scalp nerve-block for severe headaches. He also runs a private facial esthetic clinic (botox, dermal fillers, dracula-therapy/platelet-rich plasma, etc). In addition, prof. Palotás is a health economist and medico-legal expert, as well as an internationally renowned medical-scientific researcher focusing on cognitive neuro-science with emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease. He also serves as a member of and advisor to various international professional organizations, and has been the recipient of a number of scientific grants, awards and honors.